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Chiropractic Care in Lebanon, KY


Did you know that your nervous system is responsible for the control of every single function you perform? Your heart beating, your lungs breathing, the ability to digest food and every movement that you make is controlled by your central nervous system.

This vital system is shielded by the bones and soft tissue that make up your spine. If the spine is misaligned, compressed or damaged it interferes with your nervous system’s ability to operate properly. Proper chiropractic care aims to correct these misalignments and spinal issues. As a result, your symptoms can be alleviated, and your body’s’ own natural healing properties can work to restore your health.

When you choose Coxon Chiropractic for your care, you’re choosing a team that’s here to support your journey to wellness and health.

Commonly Seen Conditions

People seek out chiropractic for a broad variety of reasons. Dr. Coxon and his staff treat patients of all ages. Some of the most common conditions that adults and children alike see us for include:

Dr Coxon offers relief for:

  • Migraines
  • Headaches
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Sciatic Pain
  • Carpal Tunnel

Hands-On and Instrument Adjusting

Dr. Coxon’s offers multiple gentle chiropractic techniques and therapies. One technique is called Diversified, which involves the use of the doctor’s hands and is often referred to as a manual adjustment. The comfortable tables at the office have a drop piece installed to make adjustments easy for you.

The second technique also involves mechanical adjusting instruments, which are appropriate for certain conditions and our youngest patients.

Dr. Coxon may also use therapies combining traditional massage, electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound, inversion, and traction. Before any therapy program is started Dr. Coxon will take the time to inform you of the process and the expected results.

Chiropractic Care in Lebanon, KY


There’s no more exciting time in life for many women than becoming an expectant mother. However with that excitement also comes the aches, pains associated with your upcoming birth. Proper chiropractic care can help minimize your discomfort and give you peace of mind that your spine, pelvis and body are in the best possible shape for your labor and birthing experience.

Pre-Pregnancy Care

It is best to begin chiropractic care before you decide to become pregnant. In doing so, Dr Coxon will have a greater opportunity to meet your needs and to get your pregnancy started in the right direction. Dr Coxon and his staff will speak with you about important aspects of your lifestyle that influence your ability to get pregnant and hold your pregnancy, including proper nutrition, exercises and mindset.

Pregnancy Specific Exam

On your first visit, Dr. Coxon will perform an examination that is specific to your needs as an expectant mother. He and his staff will want to know about your entire health history and how your pregnancy has progressed thus far. They will ask about past pregnancies and any challenges you have faced prenatally or postpartum. Following your initial appointment, your follow-ups are quick, usually taking less than 15 minutes each.

Gentle Safe Adjustments

Dr. Coxon is experienced in techniques that are gentle and safe during your pregnancy. He has tables with a drop piece so there is no twisting of your lower back that is needed. The frequency of your follow-up appointments will be based upon your individual circumstances and your overall comfort and health. Our goal is to make sure that you are as healthy and comfortable as possible during your pregnancy and that your body is in the best possible condition for your upcoming delivery.

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Pediatric Chiropractic Care in Lebanon Ky

Many people are unaware of what exactly a chiropractor does and how children can benefit from chiropractic care. A child’s nervous system is responsible for every function in their body. The birthing process, even for a natural birth, is incredibly traumatic for the baby. Pregnancy can often be difficult as well. The result can be that your child is born with misalignments in their spine.

These misalignments can cause them to not meet their developmental milestones, cry frequently or be unable to sleep. By gently removing the misalignments, their body can work better. Dr Coxon will look particularly closely at certain spinal segments depending on your child’s problem. For example, if they have chronic ear infections, we’ll pay special attention to the top bone of their spine, which controls their inner ear.

For older children the stresses of sports and other physical activities can cause misalignments in the spine. Treating these misalignments early can help your children continue to develop properly and maintain good overall health.
You’ll be shown exactly what Dr. Coxon is going to do before we begin and you can be certain that the treatments are safe and gentle for your child.

Chiropractic Care for Seniors in Lebanon, KY

As we age our bodies can take the brunt of the rigors of life. Allowing the natural healing processes of the body to work properly is extremely important for seniors. The better people feel in their 60’s 70’s and 80’s the more active and better the quality of life they will have. Regular chiropractic care can have many benefits to senior citizens including:


  • Pain Relief- Chiropractic care is one of the most safest and effective forms of health care to treat pain due to spinal related conditions.
  • Range of Motion- Chiropractic care can increase not only the range of motion of the spine but also in the extremities. Increased range of motion for seniors can help them experience more of the joys of life.
  • Balance and Coordination- Studies have shown that chiropractic care can help restore balance and coordination.
  • Better Posture
  • Decreased Tissue Inflammation
  • Increased sense of overall energy and well-being-With less pain & better range of motion, often an improved overall sense of well-being and higher quality of life will follow.

What Our Patients Have to Say

“The staff is great! The service is superior! As for Dr. Coxon after 30 years of going to different Dr. and chiropractor and only some relief Dr. Coxon gave me my life back and I feel better than ever. Saying thank you is not enough for what they have done for me.”

- Michael S.

“Great staff at the office. Dr Coxon is great at what he does. He talks to you not at you and listens and adjusts accordingly.”

- Michelle H.

“Friendly environment. Everyone is as sweet as could be. Love Dr. Coxon. I was having problems with my lower back and his therapy has helped me tremendously. Recommend him to everyone.”

- Anna Z.

“He talked me through step by step on what he was gonna do next! I have to say I'm very glad I came, and I look forward to continuing my visits! Thank you, Coxon Chiropractic!”

- Angela
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